• Ollraider

    Please Make Me a Sysop...

    September 9, 2011 by Ollraider

    Please make me a sysop, so i can block bad people, like Cloisfan1.

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  • Cloisfan1

    I love you

    September 4, 2011 by Cloisfan1

    I love you, TWISH! Please forgive me! Will you make love to me?

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  • Smallvillefan07

    Metropolis - Season 1

    Episode 1: The Bat

    “This is boring, Ollie, what is this fundraiser for again?”

    “ For , I think providing something for the police or something. Ohh, C’mon Chloe cheer up, I want you to meet someone __”

    Before Oliver could finish, she was drinking a glass of champagne all the while eating a crab cake with her hands and picking up some more. “What is he another 70 year old man who smells like peaches? (she giggles to herself) No Thank you!”

    “Well, I can’t say I don’t enjoy fruit,” said a voice from behind, sounding a lot like Kevin Conroy’s.

    Chloe turned back. Oliver was embarrassed, and this handsome, tall-built man put his hand forward and said, “Bruce…Bruce Wayne.”

    “From Wayne enterprises! I’ve heard a lot about you.” Chloe…

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  • NatDuv

    Me and ImperiexSeed talked it over, and we both agreed this wiki was pretty bad, the logo looked terrible, the background doesn' match, and it's outdated compared to the other wikis. So, I made the new Smallville FanFiction Wiki. For everyone to post their fictions instead. The new one has much better features too, such as Chat, Top 10 articles, and an improved text editor. I will need someone who's good with templates however, as we need a character template.

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  • XV DEaD ShOT xV


    August 1, 2011 by XV DEaD ShOT xV

    Queens is a story of a boy in Manhattan, whose life was changed after a mere spider bite. The theme song is My Hero by the Foo Fighters. It takes place at the same time as Smallville.

    Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

    Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

    Laura Prepon as Mary Jane Watson(Season 2)

    Hayden Christensen as Harry Osborn

    Kristen Bell as Felicia Hardy

    Megalyn Echikunwoke as Gloria Grant

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  • XV DEaD ShOT xV


    August 1, 2011 by XV DEaD ShOT xV

    Hey guys Dead Shot here, would you guys be offended if I wrote a story like Smallville about my favorite hero, Spider-Man?

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  • TomWellingishot

    I was just hanging around the Smallville wiki, seeing how things are doing and all, and I saw this debate regarding our fanfics being moved here. Well, Cloisfan1 did get me autoblocked so I had and wanted to move my fanfiction here. Back to the main topic, I kinda agree and disagree to this fanfiction movement...

    I disagree because it takes a lot of work, depending on how many pics or something that you originally put on your blog, seeing as some blogs here have plenty of uploaded pictures that were originally posted on the main wiki. And guess what? It was a 3 user vote, rather than the preferred community discussion. I mean, seriously! It's not like there were a ton of new episodes airing. There wasn't that much more editing to do.

    I agree …

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  • TomWellingishot

    If Lois never arrived in Smallville, who do you think Clark should have ended up with? Kyla, Alicia, or Lana?

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  • TomWellingishot

    Okay, we all know that whether its in cartoons, movies or TV shows, Lois Lane has been portrayed by many actresses, whether it is Kate Boswoth, Teri Hatcher or Erica Durance for example. Who do you think was the best? I personally think Erica was the best (although her acting in I Me Wed was terrible). But then again, I haven't seen any other Superman movies/TV shows.

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  • NatDuv

    A 20-episode series, written along side Seasons 2 and 3 of Smallvillle: A New Beginning.

    • Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El - Tom Weling
    • Batman/Bruce Wayne - Jamie Bamber
    • Green Arrow/Oliver Queen - Justin Hartley
    • Green Lantern/Hal Jordan - Tahmoh Penikett
    • The Flash/Barry Allen - Kyle Gallner
    • Aquaman/Arthur Curry/Orin - Alan Ritchson
    • Wonder Woman - Adrianna Palicki
    • Black Canary/Dinah Lance - Alaina Huffman
    • Martian Manhunter/John Jones/J'onn J'onnz - Phil Morris
    • Andrea Rojas/Acrata - Denise Qinones

    • Lex Luthor - Michael Rosenbaum
    • The Joker - Gary Busey
    • Vordigan - Steve Bacic
    • Sinestro - Ben Geldriech
    • Roulette - Steph Song
    • Parasite - Brendan Fletcher
    • Solomon Grundy - John DeSantis
    • Black Manta - Nick Jones
    • Captain Cold - Matt Reidy
    • Silver Banshee - Odessae Rae
    • Metallo - Brian Austin Green
    • Toym…

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  • NatDuv

    Considering this is the Smalville Fanfic wiki, shouldn't all of our fanfics be on main pages. I mean the only difference would be anyone can edit those pages, but atleast it would make the blogs easier to find, I mean, this site will have visitors.

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  • TomWellingishot

    Good news!

    July 29, 2011 by TomWellingishot

    For those of you who know about or were involved in the fight with Cloisfan1 on my blog here, I'm happy to report that he has high-tailed it outta here. He won't be coming back anytime soon. :)

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  • TomWellingishot

    The season's theme song is Our Solemn Hour by Within Temptation. This season takes place after Rise of Superman, and will document Victoria's life in the 31st Century after the previous season.

    • Nina Dobrev as Victoria Lane-Kent/Zhang Hunts
    • James Marsters as Brainiac 5
    • Laura Vandervoort as Kara Kent
    • Josh Holloway as James Black
    • Ryan Kennedy as Rokk Krinn
    • Calum Worthy as Garth Ranzz
    • Alexz Johnson as Imra Ardeen

    • Tom Welling as Clark Kent
    • Erica Durance as Lois Lane
    • Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan
    • Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen
    • Genevieve Cortese as Tatianna Hunts
    • Jensen Ackles as Aaron Ryan
    • Jared Padalecki as Jensen Ryan
    • Misha Collins as Michael

    • Terence Stamp as the voice of Jor-El
    • Callum Blue as General Zod
    • Lucy Hale as Adrienne Hunts
    • Caroline Chickizie as Michelle…

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  • Cloisfan1

    Another apology

    July 29, 2011 by Cloisfan1

    TWISH, I am so terribly sorry for cyberbulling you. Please, forgive me for this and maybe we can becomes friends again? To everyone else, I will leave you alone.

    I know that I took advantage of you, kissed another girl and hit you but please forgive me.

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  • NatDuv

    Fan-made spin-off off of the popular CW Series Smallville, which finished it's series run on May 13, 2011. The spin-off is based off of the events of Smallville episodes Scion and Finale Part 2 .Theme song is Not My Time by 3 Doors Down, mainly becuause in the show, Conner doesn't know if it's time to become Superboy.

    • Lucas Gabreel as Conner Kent - The genetic clone of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, Conner is a teenage metahuman being raised in the farmlands of Smallville. Blessed with Kryptonian abilites, Conner dedicates his time to becoming the hero he's meant to be.
    • Lucas Gabreel as Alexander Luthor - Conner's original identity, who was supressed by the rise of his Kryptonian abilites, Alexander was released after an incident with Black Kryp…

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  • XV DEaD ShOT xV

    Smallville: Shield of Justice is a spin-off of Smallville that start after the events of Finale, Part 2, when Clark Kent had forced the world of Apokolips away from Earth. The opening credits song is Save Me by Remy Zero.

    To see my opening credits and images posted previously on this blog in the Smallville Wiki, go here.

    Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Superman

    Erica Durance as Lois Lane

    Laura Vandervoort as Kara Kent/Supergirl (recurring)

    Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor

    Aaron Ashmore as James Bartholomew Olsen

    Michael McKean as Perry White

    Lucas Grabeel as Conner Kent/Superboy

    Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent (recurring)

    Bud as Shelby (recurring)

    Jason Behr as Bruce Wayne (recurring Season 1, Main Season 2)

    Terence Stamp as the voice of Jor-El (recurring)


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  • NatDuv

    Who is it? And I'm not sure why exactly we HAVE to move here.

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  • Ben: The Blur

    The Boy of Steel

    July 28, 2011 by Ben: The Blur

    SEASON 1

    Episode 1 "Cadmus" PT 1

    Note: This is supposed to be read like a TV show script, thats how I write for another site I go to, so I copied and pasted this from there, all of my others on here won't be like this.

    Conner: (floating in a chamber filled with liquid) (A breathing tubes is connected to his face)

    Amanda Waller: When is he going to be ready?

    Doctor: I dont know Waller, he still hasnt reached his full power level yet.

    Amanda Waller: Well what are you waiting for? Do something.

    Conner: (eyes flash open)

    Doctor: (glances over to the chamber and sees Conners fist clench up) Umm.. Agent Waller...

    Amanda Waller: What is it?

    Conner: (his fist swings at the glass and the glass shatters, causing pieces of glass to fly everywhere)

    Amanda Waller…

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  • Ben: The Blur

    Journey Season 11

    July 28, 2011 by Ben: The Blur

    SEASON 11


    Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Superman

    Erica Durance as Lois Lane

    Laura Vandervoort as Kara Kent/Supergirl (recurring role)

    Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor

    Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow &nbsp

    Aaron Ashmore as James Bartholomew Olsen (recurring until season 12)

    Michael McKean as Perry White (recurring role until season 12

    Lucas Grabeel as Conner Kent/Superboy (recurring role

    Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent (recurring role)&nbsp

    Episode 1 "Destiny": Clark has finally embraced the skies and has showed his face to the city. Lois is worried someone is going to find out who Clark really is if he keeps saving people and showing his face. Lex Luthor is still trying to regain his memories, and has a hard time trying at that. Clark and L…

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  • Ben: The Blur

    The Adventures of Ultraman

    Setting: Metropolis: Earth-2


    Tom Welling as Clark Luthor/ Clark Kent

    Erica Durance as Lois Queen

    Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan

    Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer

    Episode 1 "Vilgilante" Clark Luthor has been training and going through trials for the last 4 years. Jor-El finally tells him that he is ready to make a new, fresh impact on the world, but first he has to do one thing: Kill Lionel Luthor. Clark, not knowing this is another trials, goes around looking for Lionel. He finally figures out where he is: Earth- 1.

    Episode 2 "Ultra" Clark takes back on his Ultraman persona, and goes around the city as a hooded hero. He finds Lois, and a magician who helps him wipe the memories of people that know about his weakness. …

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  • ImperiexSeed

    Something funny...

    July 27, 2011 by ImperiexSeed
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  • TomWellingishot


    July 27, 2011 by TomWellingishot

    What was your favorite scene(s) in the series finale? My favorites were:

    • Lois reads Clark's vows and vice versa.
    • Clark and Lois' wedding.
    • Clark and Lois' kiss
    • Clark and Lex meet once again.
    • Clark's trials
    • Clark finally dons the suit and flies.
    • The "epilogue" scene in 2018
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  • ImperiexSeed

    Ep01 Mantle

    Conner leaves the house and goes off on his way to the first day of school, feeling both nervous yet excited, all at the same time. He gets to Smallville High and goes on in, only to find bustle of kids, almost endless rows of lockers, and school banners that read, "Welcome back to Smallville High". Back at Watchtower, some of the Justice League, including Clark, John and Oliver, are all working to keep the city safe. "Our computer-techy would sure come in handy right about now," remarked Oliver. "Yeah about that, where is she anyway?" asked Clark. "I've been in need of her help lately, now looking at John, hey John, do you happen to know where Tess is?" John sighed, "No, I've actually been following some other leads, but I'll definitely …

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  • TomWellingishot

    There will be a theme song for my Starcrossed series, but I can't pick between these two. Whichever gets 20 votes or more will be chosen. You can only vote three times.

    If you vote more than 3 times, your votes after you initial three wil not be counted.

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  • TomWellingishot

    "Justice is more important than vengeance. Remember that, Father." - Victoria to Clark regarding Lois' death.

    Victoria Lane-Kent is Clark Kent and Lois Lane's biological human-Kryptonian daughter. She is a recruit of the Legion and time-travelled to 2011 to help her parents face the ultimate threat.

    Victoria has an olive-complexion, chocolate brown eyes and shoulder-length brunette hair.

    Victoria has a strong sense of justice, having been raised by the Kents and recruited by the Legion. However, she is very distrustful of some of her father's allies due to her intuitive abilities. She is very protective over her parents, and this could be because she witnessed her mother's death at the Spectre's hand.

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  • TomWellingishot


    July 26, 2011 by TomWellingishot

    "Shayera and I were born a thousand years ago. We were cursed by one of our enemies, destined to fall in love with each other only to watch each other die lifetime after lifetime." – Carter Hall

    Starcrossed tells of the passionate love story between Carter Hall and Shayera Saunders, as well as their fight against Hath-Set as well as their new lives through reincarnation. As they battle numerous adversaries, they try to stay together against the near-impossible odds. The series' theme song is Ship of Fools.

    • Shayera Saunders/Hawkgirl
    • Carter Hall/Hawkman
    • Hath-Set
    • Queen Khea
    • Deadman
    • Dark Avatar
    • Hector Hall
    • Entity
    • Swamp Thing
    • Vandal Savage
    • Mavis Trent

    more to be added as I do the research

    Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot - The story of Prince Khufu and Chay-Ara begi…

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  • TomWellingishot


    July 26, 2011 by TomWellingishot

    Since Lois got Kryptonian powers in Prophecy and Lana got permanent abilities in Power, who would win in a possible fight to death?

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  • TomWellingishot

    Clark and Lois

    July 26, 2011 by TomWellingishot

    We all know that in the comics, Clark falls in love with Lois immediately after they meet. In Smallville, he falls for her within 4 or 5 years of knowing her. I personally like Smallville's interpretation of their love story, but what do YOU prefer? The comics' version or Smallville's version? Please comment below.

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    Smallville: Season 12

    July 26, 2011 by DARKSEID

    This season will continue where my eleventh season left off. If you haven't read that one you might want to so that you will better understand it. I appreciate it when you comment and make suggestions it helps me out a lot.


    Superman--Tom Welling

    Lois lane--Erica Durance

    Oliver Queen--Justin Hartley

    Lex Luthor--Michael Rosenbaum

    Perry White--Michael McKean


    Martian Manhunter--Phil Morris

    Cat Grant--Keri Pratt

    Jimmy Olsen--Aaron Ashmore

    Toyman--Chris Gauthier

    Metallo--Brian Green

    Supergirl--Laura Vandervoort

    Brainiac 5--James Marsters

    Episode 1 "Triumph": Metropolis is panicking because of the attack on Earth. The U.S's military is proving useless against Darkseid's forces. It seems the new team of heroes battling the onslaught is Earth's on…

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  • TomWellingishot

    Funny pic

    July 26, 2011 by TomWellingishot

    I was looking through screencaps for a good wallpaper and I just cracked up at this. I couldn't resist posting it on here. :)

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  • TomWellingishot

    Jeesh, only 2 people know I'm back, so spread the word on the Smallville wiki! Blog, message, whatever--I just think the word needs to get out more. :)

    (And for those of you who are spam-phobic, this is not spam.) Kisses!

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  • Cloisfan1


    July 25, 2011 by Cloisfan1

    I tried apologizing to TWISH, but it just turned into a ginormic fight. So, I'm leaving this wiki. Bye.

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  • TomWellingishot

    ImperiexSeed, you already know about this, but just a reminder to everybody else, I've decided to do a new series based on Carter and Shayera's lives back when Carter was Prince Khufu. I might feature each of their new lives, but I am not entirely sure as of yet. I'll keep y'all updated, though!

    But, call it the strain of writing two stories at once, I'm at a writer's block again. Please post if you've any ideas for this series...

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  • ImperiexSeed

    Still needs an introduction...

    • Smallville: Kinder Justice series
    • Smallville: New Age

    The Justice League:

    • Clark Kent/Superman/Kal-El
    • Bruce Wayne/Batman
    • John Smith/Red Tornado
    • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
    • John Jones/Martian Manhunter
    • Arthur Curry/Aquaman
    • Bart Allen/The Flash
    • Victor Stone/Cyborg
    • Dinah Lance/Black Canary
    • Zatanna Zatara

    The Legion:

    • Kara Kent/Supergirl
    • Rokk Krinn
    • Garth Ranzz/Lightning Lad
    • Imra Ardeen
    • Brainiac 5

    The Young Titans:

    • Conner Kent/Superboy
    • Aqualad
    • Miss Martian
    • Robin
    • Speedy
    • Kid Flash


    • Jor-El
    • Streak
    • Young Terry McGinnis
    • Billy Batson/Captain Marvel


    • Superboy-Prime
    • FireFly
    • Bizarro (of Earth-2)
    • The Scarecrow
    • General Zod
    • Black Adam
    • Psimon
    • Starro
    • The Preserver
    • Killer Croc
    • King Cobra
    • Zander

    The Brotherhood:

    • Cinderblock
    • Mammoth
    • Clayface
    • Bane
    • Lock-Up

    The Legion of Doo…

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  • Cloisfan1

    I'm sorry for causing all that trouble, guys, I was just giving my honest opinion. I just meant that I didn't like it. And ImperiexSeed, sorry for assuming you were dating TWISH. I come in peace. Feel free to rant on my talk page (this goes to everyone). Bye.

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  • TomWellingishot

    The theme song for this series is Letters to God, Part II by Angels and Airwaves.


    Season 11, Episode 1: Revolution - It is 2020. Clark zooms to his and Lois' apartment to find her holding a pregnancy test. "Lois, what is going on?" he asks, surprised.

    "Remember when we consummated our marriage?' Lois replies, her hand resting on her belly. "Clark, I've been showing the symptoms of a possible pregnancy."

    Clark is about to reply when Conner comes in. "Conner, what're you doing here?"

    "Well, excuse me for interrupting you and Lois!" Conner says, irritated. "I came to tell you tha't Lex is somehow regaining his memories."

    Lois is shocked at this. "Didn't Tess wipe all his memories before she died?"

    "She did. I have no idea how Lex is even pulling this off," …

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  • TomWellingishot

    I'M BACK!

    July 25, 2011 by TomWellingishot

    I am aware this isn't the main wiki, but it is (in a sense) close enough. Since I was accidentally autoblocked on the Smallville wiki (thanks, Cloisfan1), I won't be there until the autoblock expires...but whatever! Miss me? :)

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  • ImperiexSeed

    Taking place right after my New Age story, this series is about a young team of heroes that band together to fight evil and crime, with Conner, now known as Superboy, as their leader. The team will consist of Superman's clone, Superboy, The Dark Knight's star sidekick, Robin, Aquaman's protégé, a boy called Aqualad, the Martian Manhunter's niece, Miss Martian, Green Arrow's pupil, Speedy, and Kid Flash.

    But don't worry, I will not, repeat will not, copy that show called "Young Justice", as I will come up with my own storyline/plot. :) It's just my inspiration, but I will not copy it. Also a huge inspiration for all this is "Teen Titans", as it gave me some ideas for this series of mine. :)

    Episode 01 "Partnership": Conner aka Superboy, allie…

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  • ImperiexSeed

    My story, Smallville: New Age, takes place in the current year, and not in the future. Now, not only is Clark the main focus, but so is Conner - the future Superboy.... maybe. This series will have you begging for more, literally. Clark copes with being Superman, Lois tries to become the Planet's Ace reporter, and Conner goes through what Clark went through as a teenager: hardship. Attending Smallville High, Conner tries to make friends and save people without revealing his abilities. Even without his memory, Lex is dangerous, and his influence reaches Metropolis. The League opposes Toyman's team of Super-villains. The unstable parallel world Earth-2 cracks, releasing a familiar face - kind of... More and more new villains appear in this se…

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  • Zodisgod

    Metropolis PD

    July 25, 2011 by Zodisgod

    • Maggie Sawyer - Jill Teed (All seasons)
    • Dan Turpin - David Paetkau (All seasons)
    • John Jones - Phil Morris (All seasons)
    • Kate O' Hara - Anna Kendrick (All seasons)
    • Doug Parker - Shane West (Season 2 - )
    • Jessica Chambers - Kristen Bell (Season 2 - )

    "Hope" by The Blackout.

    September 21 2012


    On a dark, rain-filled night two Metro PD Homicide detectives arrive at an abandoned warehouse.

    "Detective Sawyer, Detective Williams could I get a quote for the front page" a voice calls out. Sawyer recognising the voice turns with a sigh.

    "Kent how is it you always get to our crime scenes before us, maybe we should call you for information instead of listening to our dispatch."

    "So that's a no then."

    "It's a may…

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