Superboy (Smallville)2

Superboy returns.

Season 2 of Conner Kent.


  • Bizarro returns, having used Conner's DNA to rebuild his body and poses as Conner before Clark figures things out, and he and Conner send Bizarro back to Mars.
  • After Lana is saved from Kryptonite poison by Bizarro and Alex leaves, another clone of Emily arrives and is kidnapped by Lionel before Lana saves her.
  • Slade Wilson recovers from his coma and begins targeting the Justice League forcing Superboy, Speedy, Zan, and Janya to work together and save them.


Main CharactersEdit

Clark Kent (Smallville)11

Clark notices Bizarro flicker.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Wonder Twins (Smallville)

The Twins join Young Justice.

Minor CharactersEdit

Rachel Dunleavy

Dunleavy during her control over Tess.

  • Rachel Dunleavy