Tess Mercer

Dressed up Tess.

Smallville: Luthor is a fan-fic that takes place in a universe where Tess was never given up for adoption by Lionel, like Earth-2, but taking place in that universe's Earth-1.

Changes from the Source SeriesEdit

Tess Mercer6

Tess at LuthorCorp.

  • Season 1 - Tess isn't given up for adoption and is raised along side Lex. While Lex becomes more obsessed with the Meteor Rocks, Tess is the one obsessed with the accident as she actually sees Clark approach them before losing consciousness.


Main CharactersEdit

Lex Luthor (Smallville)10

Clark saves Lex.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Principal Kwan

Principal Kwan of Smallville High.

Minor CharactersEdit

Jeremy and Lex

Lex and Tess find Jeremy strung up like a scarecrow.


  • This fic was created in culmination with various other AU fan-fics made by me and my co-writer, MiracleBoy 5200.