Tess Mercer6

Tess at LuthorCorp.

Season 1 of Smallville: Luthor. It is based during the first season of Smallville.


Differences from SmallvilleEdit

Tess Mercer3

Tess saved by Clark.

  • Tess was never given up for adoption and is raised by Lionel alongside Lex.
  • Tess is also awake long enough to see Clark swim up to save them.
  • It's hinted Tess had a history with Bruce.
  • Unlike the series, Lex is more interested in the Meteor Rocks while Tess is the one obsessed with the accident.
  • Also, Tina Greer impersonates Tess instead of Lex.


Main CharactersEdit

Lex Luthor (Smallville)10

Clark saves Lex.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Lex and Lionel (Smallville)3

Lionel talks to Lex.

Minor CharactersEdit

Jeremy and Lex

Lex and Tess find Jeremy strung up like a scarecrow.